Simply Roses: The Ultimate Guide – Ebook

Simply Roses: The Ultimate Guide – Ebook
50% Commission – Simply Roses: The Ultimate Guide Is An Ebook On The Growing And Care Of Roses. A Complete Guide To Growing Beautiful, Full, Healthy Roses In Any Region, Soil, Or Climate. There Are Over 70 Pages Of Information.
Simply Roses: The Ultimate Guide – Ebook

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How Are Your Roses?

I am looking out into my yard amazed at how well my roses look. Some of them are still blooming, even though we’ve had more than two freezes. These disease resistant roses are the best for every condition!

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Belinda’s Dream

One of my favorites of the several I have planted around my yard is Belinda’s Dream. She’s a fast-grower, before you know it, the bush will be 6′tall x 4′ wide, and covered in beautiful antique lavender blooms with fragrance. It is an outstanding rose bush that that keeps on giving.  These roses have long stems and are excellent for bringing indoors or sharing with your neighbors. A rose will always bring a smile and light up a room. We all love roses!

Belinda's Dream

Another favorite is Easy Does It...

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Plant A Living Christmas Tree

Foliage and cone of the Aleppo Pine—(Pinus hal...

Foliage and cone of the Aleppo Pine—(Pinus halepensis). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am so excited with the Christmas season approaching. Last year I decided I would plant a living Christmas tree.I bought a small potted live Allepo pine tree, decorated it, and after Christmas, planted it in my yard. I placed it close to the one corner of the yard that is visible from all directions. If you live in warm dry locations, the Aleppo pine may work well if you have a large garden space. This Mediterranean native is an evergreen conifer that has adapted to growing in these conditions. You would not believe how fast this tree has grown to be about 6′ tall. From the moment I put it in the ground, you could see the new growth almost immediately...

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Let’s Talk About Planting Trees

Buy and plant smoketrees today and enjoy for years!

Pink Smoketree

I have always loved trees, all shapes and sizes. One of my favorite things about traveling to different parts of the country is the landscape; it is always different, especially the trees. So, I try to add the trees I love to my yard. I am so happy to have such a large yard to be able to add a few trees here and there. Look and read about the most wonderful tree I have discovered with surprising news that it will successfully grow in my zone 8 with almost no care. In fact, it prefers to be left alone; basically likes to be neglected.

Have you heard of smoketrees? Oh my goodness, they are fantastic. One of my burning desires is to have a bright, standout arrangement in one front corner of my side yard...

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Growing Lantana

Buy lantana today and enjoy it for many years!

Red Lantana

Buy this beautiful vareigated yellow lantana today and enjoy for years!

Yellow Lantana

You should see my lantana – it is spectacular! I have planted clumps of it here and there in my yard, picking a different color for each area. We had a very hot summer and I did not see much out of any of my lantana during the heat, but once we got some rain and cooler weather, they have exploded. The bright orange/red ones in the front are about 4′ x 4′ now, and the hummingbirds and butterflies are always around this beautiful clump. Around a smaller cedar tree, I have planted a bright yellow circle, and I have a big clump of the pink and yellow combo by one side of the driveway. Around a pecan and a large cedar tree, I have planted purple lantana...

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